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Even Small Accomplishments Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to your fitness routine, no small accomplishment should go unnoticed. Even if it’s a tiny victory, it’s one baby step closer to reaching your goals or maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Throughout the day, there are plenty of chances to quit, to make an unhealthy choice, or to “give up” on your goals in that moment—whether it’s grabbing for that fast food or not going to the gym because you are feeling too tired or unmotivated.

So making that tinsy, itty bitty achievement should make you feel good. In fact, could very well keep you motivated and on track to continuing your journey.

They also start to add up, as one healthy choice as a snowball effect to lead to more.

I started seeing this over the past few days in my own fitness journey. Even though I have been going for runs, taking fitness classes, and taking walks with my little one, I finally made it back to the gym. This meant a great arm, back, ab and cardio workout that still has me sore two days later. Ahhh, how it hurts so good!

That has inspired me to make it a habit to keep working out at least 3 times a week and make better food choices. So today that meant a delicious chocolate almond butter, strawberry banana smoothie for lunch,followed by a nice and easy 2 mile run.

And you never know when and where you will find your fitspiration.

It was the mood of the day that really had me digging deep. Today’s spring weather of an overcast with some peaking sun that meant a slight drizzle, yet still warm and bright is my favorite kind of running weather.

My ideal running conditions mixed with a great playlist and a strong core from my previous workout resulted in one of the best runs I had in ages—and I am talking pre-baby ages.

My planned easy jog turned into a full speed ahead pumped up run, and I wind up running a whole minute faster per mile for each of my short and sweet 2 miles—and this was despite the fact the entire route was filled with hills!

This newfound fast time might sound like a silly little thing to be proud of, but runners know how big of an accomplishment this is. Not only is it a signal of me becoming stronger, but it also never would’ve happened if I didn’t lace up to begin with. Consistency is key and that applied to whatever your diet or fitness goal is.

Now I am more determined than ever to keep running down this road to getting that summer body to flaunt at the beach!



2 thoughts on “Even Small Accomplishments Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Fitness Goals

  1. Fully understand where you’re coming from here. We’ve recently started our blog on starting your fitness journey on and we completely stick by the thought process of starting with small achievable goals. Keep up the great posts

    1. Thanks for ready! Great blog, too

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