This Shrimp Recipe Will Be The Quickest, Yet Tastiest Dinner You Make All Week


Craving something home cooked that is quick as getting fast food? Then you have to try this recipe.

Between all the craziness during the week, there’s always that night when you don’t have the time or maybe just not the energy to make dinner. This shrimp dish is so easy and fast to make that it barely counts as having to cook, without sacrificing on the yummy scale.

Seriously, this is a truffle cheese lovers dream meal—that is ready in 10 minutes.

Here’s how to make Shrimp with Truffle Parmesan and Portabella Risotto.


  • Frozen or fresh peeled shrimp
  • Evol, Multi Serve Frozen Meal, Truffle Parmesan and Portabella Risotto

Yup, that’s it; just two ingredients for this simple dish.


Cook shrimp in skillet, 2-3 minutes each side until pink. Sprinkle salt and pepper as the shrimp cook, but not necessary.

As the shrimp are cooking, empty the Evol package onto a non-stick pan, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Viola! The meal is now done. Plate that puppy up by scooping some risotto first and top with shrimp.


I was looking for a good shrimp recipe, but wanted something new when it occurred to be to pair it with this risotto, and I am so happy I did because it was the perfect combo.

It’s guaranteed to be the easiest and quickest, yet tastiest dinner when looking to switch up the menu or when crunched for time.

Bon appetit!


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