Half Marathon Training Week 1: Guilt And Goals


I can proudly say that week 1 of half marathon has been completed!

Even though I am just one short week into training, I have already had many mixed emotions about traveling down this journey again. For a few weeks before deciding to go for it, I was toying around with the idea. It was a leap of faith in a sense since the main thing holding me back was wondering if I could get back into shape after just having a baby, and feeling nervous about balancing baby, going back to work and training.

As a new mother, the guilt of going for long runs is still something that I haven’t been able to shake.

But I have never felt better getting out there and running again. I am proud that I have so far stuck to the program and know in my bones that this is totally possible.

Here’s what week 1 looked like:


I love that Mondays are a rest day because Mondays are hard in itself. Plus it means focusing on work for the week, and I decided that Monday nights will be all about preparing work wise for the next few days so that I am not overwhelmed as I also care for my little guy.

Since my little man is still little, I decided to run my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday runs inside on the treadmill this week. Luckily for me, he takes a nap around 7 p.m.—perfect for getting my run in after work finishes at 5 and having time then to shower and make dinner.

This Wednesday I opted for a 2 mile run instead of cross training because my guilt of going to the gym instead of being home if he needed me is still too strong.

Friday was a much needed rest day, but then I made a weekend adjustment to do my long run Sunday on Saturday. This week it was just 4 miles, and I am so happy I chose to get outside and do it. I felt sos strong and in tune with my body and with my mind. I mentally know I can take on any goal I set before myself, and physically I am excited to push myself to be even stronger when it’s all said and done.

I love the process of transforming into an even better version of myself, and that is what the training journey is to me.

I have noticed that my right ankle is a bit sore (and old injury), but it’s also time for new running sneakers. I am a fan of Brooks, and would love recommendations to what shoe is your favorite.

Today would be a cross train day, but I spent the rest of the day yesterday cleaning the house in preparation of today’s Super Bowl party, so think I earned myself a day to enjoy myself. Bring on the chicken wings and beer!

Moving forward, I would like to make Saturday a gym day when the little guy goes for a nap. But what are your favorite ways to cross train at home?


Photo: Patrik Nygren | Flickr


3 comments on “Half Marathon Training Week 1: Guilt And Goals”

  1. Hello Lauren . you are going in right direction man. U have proved that if you want to achieve something there should be no excuses else you wont achieve your goal. Thanks for the motivation.

    Have a nice time ahead !

  2. Hello Lauren ! You are going into right direction. You have proved that if you want to achieve something there should be no excuses. Even though you are a single mother you want to be runner and working for it during free time. Thanks for the motivation !
    And yes you can do practice at home. Do exercise rugularly and learn running techniques online.
    Have a nice time ahead!

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