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Tips To Making Pizza Healthier

Pizza is the perfect comfort food, marrying together our two loves for cheese and carbs. And while there is nothing wrong with throwing some veggies on it and having a slice here and there, many people try to avoid eating pizza like the plague when they are dieting.

But there are actually other ways that you can still enjoy eating pizza without feeling the guilt after.

Here are some ways to make pizza healthier to better for your healthy lifestyle:

Go Cheeseless

What is pizza without the cheese? It seems like a cardinal sin not to have cheese on your pizza. But you will be surprised on how tasty it can be. Ideal for vegans or those who are cutting out dairy, and those who are gluten-free is the Gluten Free Veggie-tastic Pizza recipe by Tasting Page.


It calls for cauliflower crust and has caramelized onions, spinach, tomato and garlic on top. Check out the full recipe here.

Choose A Healthy Crust

Cauliflower crust is a great way to cut the carbs and calories from a traditional slice. Another delicious and nutritious crust idea is to use sweet potatoes, butternut squash or even quinoa.

Sweet potato lovers should check out this Healthy Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust from the Soccer Mom blog that will keep you full longer thanks to its protein from the chicken without leaving you feeling that you went off your diet. Yes, you can still enjoy bbq chicken pizza!


Those who aren’t that great in the kitchen can also use a low-fat tortilla wrap as pizza crust and top it with lots of veggies for an easy to make healthy pizza.

Use These Healthy Hacks

You can still enjoy pizza while being mindful to portions and what is on the pizza. Don’t order a pie with pepperoni and instead go for mushrooms. When making pizza at home choose turkey bacon or other leaner meats.

Go crazy with veggies, choosing flavorful combos like tomato, onion and peppers, or zucchini, butternut squash and broccoli.

You can also use cheese made with skim milk or low-fat options or only put cheese on half the pie.

Remember that eating healthy should be a lifestyle and not just a fading diet. That means it’s all about a healthy balance and indulging in a slice when your cravings hit.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

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4 thoughts on “Tips To Making Pizza Healthier

  1. Mmmmmm….pizza….now I’m hungry. Lol. I love pepperoni pizza and we have a great restaurant here that makes an excellent, thin one. I don’t eat it very often but when I do, let’s just say I REALLY eat! It’s a fantastic treat.

    1. I’m always hungry for pizza! hahah. that sounds delicious. All about balance and treating yourself once in awhile!

  2. …that chicken pizza sounds tasty!

    1. It really does!

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