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12 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

You set the goal and signed up for the race. Now it’s time to start training in preparation for your half marathon.

Here is an example of a 12 week half marathon training schedule:


No matter if it’s your first, fifth or 100th half marathon, it’s important to stick to your scheduled runs in order to be ready for race day.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak your schedule to make it work for you. For example, maybe you’d rather have Wednesdays as a rest day instead of Monday.

As long as you are consistent with your training, including making sure to get those long runs in, you can achieve your goal.

Make sure to cross train by hitting the gym for some weights or taking a fun cardio class in order to keep your muscles guessing, break up the monotony and keep your whole body strong.

Before you know it, race day will be here.


Photo: jayneandd | Flickr


Lauren Keating is a freelance journalist, who specializes in health, nutrition, and fitness reporting. She is a former trends reporter for Tech Times and was previously a contributing writer for Fit Nation Magazine and covered a nutrition beat (as well as covering other miscellaneous topics) for Brooklyn News Service. She currently freelances for RunnerClick and Rockay running sites. She has a love for running and is always looking for new fitness and health trends.

2 comments on “12 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

  1. A good training plan is definitely key! I’ve run two untrained halves and they were paaainnnful! HA. The other four I made sure to train for.

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