When Should You Replace Fake Lashes? The Truth About Caring For Falsies

How long your falsies last depend on the kind and how you care for them.

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Fake eyelashes provide any makeup addict with real, real love.

But the truth is falsie newbies probably don’t know the right way to care for their set.

Chances are you picked up your first pair from your local drugstore or from makeup heavens like Sephora or Ulta. Some options sold include two to four sets, and some even come with the glue and applicator like the packs sold by Ardell.


Just how many wears they can get from these false eyelashes?

The lifespan of your lashes depends on whether they are synthetic or are made with natural human or mink hair (these options last for approximately 20 wears).

The majority of lashes you probably are purchasing are most likely be synthetic. This means you will get anywhere from 3 to 7 wears (6-7 wears when taken care of properly) out of them before it’s time to apply a fresh set.

You will know it’s time to use new ones when hairs star to fall out or the adhesive band loses its shape too much (they can reshape to better fit your eyes after use. This is okay.).

But caring for them the right way will help to make them last longer.

No Mascara

First off, try not to put mascara on your fake lashes since this will cause a  junk-like buildup that wears them out. Apply mascara to your real eyelashes first and then apply the falsies.

If you do use mascara on them, remove them with makeup remover.


Be Mindful Of The Band

Synthetic lashes have a thinner band (where you apply the glue) opposed to human or mink options, which is why the latter lasts longer.

A thinner band means it can get stretched and wrecked when you pull them off. Remove your lashes gently using your fingers, careful not to tug too hard on your real lashes.

Clean ‘Em Good

Clean your false eyelashes with makeup remover to rid of old glue, mascara and eyeliner so they are fresh for the next wear.

Rub some makeup remover across the band using a Q-tip.You can use your fingers to gently pull off the glue. Use a new Q-tip with makeup remover and stroke downwards on the hairs to remove mascara.

Rubbing alcohol can also be used to disinfect the adhesive band. This prevents eye infections, which in turn means that pair can be worn longer.

You can also soak your falsies in makeup remover, but this will ruin the “C” shape curl of the lashes, so it’s best not to.

After they are clean and dry, store then in a case for that they keep their shape and remain clean.

Now go out and embrace your inner diva, batting your eyes, beauty queens.


Photo: Bloggaz With Attitude 


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