A Short Workout Is Better Than None


I have to admit that I haven’t been the best runner last week. I had a blast after my St. Patrick’s Day 5k, but after that, I just seemed to loose my mojo. My body was just dying for a break, my long days having me yearn for more sleep. What’s worse is all I wanted to do is indulge in my favorite foods (like Girl Scout Cookies!), and not really focus on being healthy.

But Monday is the start of a new week, so it was finally time to regroup, refocus and set new goals. I allowed myself to take the rest needed, and will put in the hard work until my half in less than a month!!

Pintrest/ lovethispic.com
Pintrest/ lovethispic.com

It’s okay if you fall off track, just make sure to make getting back on a priority.

Coming home from work to day, I debated whether or not to get a run in. Here’s a tip: if you are debating it, just do it! You will never regret a workout.

Technically, today was supposed to be an off-day, but my Monday motivation was kicking in and I wanted to get moving. I stuck to just a small workout, but a small workout is better than none.

I made sure to eat healthy all day, relaxed for an hour, and then headed down to my basement gym for abs and arm work. I was slacking on the arms, only doing 2 sets, but really went in on my ab roller, which also sculpts arms, so I let myself off easy. My core work included: ab roller, and a 5 lb ball for crunches, and worked in some hip thrust which felt good on my booty.

Photo: Pintrest/ Women's Health Magazine
Photo: Pintrest/ Women’s Health Magazine

I jumped rope for two minutes to get warmed up and then got on the treadmill for a mile run. And OH.EM.GEE. how good it felt to run again! Sometimes when I’m training hard, I stop loving to run, so it was so refreshing to remember that I do love it and really felt my groove. It made me want to continue to be healthy and work towards a better me, never giving up on my fitness joinery.

Who knew a short workout could do so much?!

I power walked at a 6.0 incline for another half mile, before doing some more ab work and stretching. For a short workout, I did work up  a sweat.

I sparked my motivation, even thought it;s a dreaded Monday, but it also helps that I booked a faction for next month! I will be going to Florida to hang out by the pool, which is a huge motivator for getting my body in shape. I plan to work hard all month so that I can enjoy some good food in drink in Miami!

How do you stay motivated?

Photo: Jamesy Pena/ Flickr


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  1. Hey Lauren! Way to go and I agree, that a shorter workout is better than none! It lifts your spirits and puts your mindset back in training mode. Nice job! XOXO

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