Ray-Ban’s for Me, Ray-Ban’s for You

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If I were to stand in a small room with hot pads covering my feet, and a heating fan blowing onto my face while I gazed out of a window the size of a mini home, I’d think I was in Arizona. My English teachers would cringe at that run-on sentence.

The sun exposure we’ve had the last few weeks has been out of this world. Amazing.


When it comes to sun precautions I tend to be a bit careless carefree. I don’t wear sunscreen as often as I should, I live for tank tops in the summer, and am often caught without sunglasses. This not only sets me up to look like a walrus by the time I’m 30 due to all the squinting I do, but my eyes aren’t being protected the way they should.


Like our skin, our eyes are at risk of overexposure to UV rays. The longer…

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