When To Take A Break From Half Marathon Training

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Wanted to take a minute to bring you all up to speed on my half marathon training. After finishing my  5k in 30-minutes, 30-seconds, I had never felt so strong! However, I was super sore the next day and moved by long-distance run from Sunday to Monday. I also had to make some other adjustments, but I’ll get into that in a minute.

Also since my Valentine’s Day 5K, I have been non-stop rungry. I tend to go through week periods where I don’t have an appetite and have to really be mindful that I am consuming enough calories, followed by periods where I can’t stop eating. The later has been taking place for the past week.

I really can’t believe week 4 of my training is almost coming to a close after Sunday’s long run. Funny how fast time flies. My third week was really strong, I got all my scheduled runs in, plus PR’ed at my race. I ran a total of 14.8 out of 13 planned miles.

This week has been really shaky. Because of my work schedule, I can’t help but be tired all the time. I was doing fine until Monday and Tuesday where I got to work from home and catch up on sleep with lots of naps. I feel like my body now remembered how much I treasure sleep because I have had a sleep hangover all week.

Monday was a 6.5 mile run to make up for Sunday, followed by 3 miles on Tuesday. Wednesday was supposed to be sprints and cross train, but I decided to go get my nails done for sister time with my older sister after work and she sidelined me by asking me to go to the movies. By the time I got home, there was no run for me. Thursdays are my super long day, getting home at 10 p.m. I tried to get my run in last night, so determined to do it even though I was dead tired. My scheduled 3.5 turned into 1 mere mile. I felt horrible.
Even still, I have completed 9.6 out of 13 scheduled miles with 7 planned for Sunday. Since I plan on running tonight and tomorrow, I know I will have hit my target.

So when is it okay to take a break from half marathon training?

I am part of several running communities on Facebook and have seen newbie half runners asking if it’s okay to take a a day off or moving a scheduled run. They stress that all their progress will disappear and they won’t be prepared, even though race day is 2 months away.

I’m hear to tell you that it’s defiantly okay to take a break with a rest day or two if you need it. If you are feeling sick, take the time to rest. One day off is better than a week you might need off if you don’t take care of yourself. If you have an injury, or feel like you may like spin splints for example, take the time to rest. It’s also okay to move your runs around if you need to. As long as you need the miles in, you cares that you swapped a rest day for a run day?

Nutrition and sleep are the two most important aspects of training. So make sure to listen to your body and take care of it properly. The next day you head out for a run, chances are you will feel more energized and really give it your all. Avoid doubling up on workouts if you feel guilty for missing one. This can only lead to injury. Instead, give put all your effort into the next one.

Today is a new day and I plan on getting in those 3.5 miles I missed. Going forward, I am swearing off pizza and sweats because they are only making me feel more lethargic. I am also going to make sure I cross train a bit more, since I’ve been slacking on that front. Every day is a fresh day and this slightly bad week will escape my mind and be replaced by a better week moving forward.

How is your training going? What are you training for? Do you have any training tips?




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