Elite Runner Crawls Across Austin Marathon Finish Line Determined To Finish Race


If you a runner, than you know there often comes a time during long distance runs where you stop running with your body when it starts to give up and instead you run with your heart. The mind is a powerful thing. Your legs may begin to feel like lead, as with each stride you hear a tiny voice telling you that you too tired, that it is time to quit. We all know that the mind can overcome many obstacles, even allowing you to continue on because you may really want to accomplish a goal, and pain is temporary.

However, there are times when runners just git a wall. Their bodies give up, no matter how much their mind wants to continue. That is exactly what happened to Hyvon Ngetich during Sunday’s Austin Marathon.

Ngetich, an elite runner from Kenya, set out to cross that finish line. After giving it her all for 23 miles, her body then collapsed just two-tenth a mile left to finish line.

Medical personnel brought her a wheelchair, but Ngetich refused the medical attention.

Determined to finish the race, the runner proved why she is elite, staying on her hands and knees and literally crawled 400 meters to get herself across the finish line. If that isn’t remarkable enough, she finished in third place.

If you are runner, this video will bring you chills. The amount of heart and determination this woman has is incredible.

Austin Marathon director John Conley was so touched by her efforts that he increased the amount of money she earned to be the same amount as if she had finished in second place. “You ran the bravest race and crawled the bravest crawl I have ever seen in my life,” he said. “You have earned much honor.”

Ngetich said she didn’t remember finishing the race, and was taken for medical treatment directly after for low blood sugar. “In running, you have to keep going,” she said.

Ngetich’s PR for marathons is 2:34:42, and she finished the Austin Marathon on Sunday at 3:04:02. Cynthia Jerop was the first female finisher, coming in at 2:54:21.

Some people believe she was so brave and performed remarkable, while others say she put herself in danger and should have stopped. What are your thoughts?



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  1. This was very painful to watch. I understand and admire her determination but health is paramount. She should have accepted the medical attention, glad to know she’s doing well.

      1. She should have fueled up a bit better to prevent her blood sugar from dropping so low. She did say she didn’t remember finishing. I think that when this is your sport and your passion, when your mind and body gives out, your heart just pushes you to achieve great things. While I don’t condone putting your health at risk, I think her being able to finish was a great accomplishment

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