How To Stay Motivated To Workout And Lose Weight


We have officially reached the second month of the New Year, meaning that more and more people continue to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Sure, we all make the resolution to workout more and eat less bad foods, but sometimes this is easier said then done.

Go into any store right now and you will see all your favorite chocolate candies on sale for Valentine’s Day. The temptation is real!

But there are some easy ways you can make sure you stay on the healthy track. These tips will help you stay motivated to continue to workout and lose unwanted weight.

1. Early Bird Gets The Bird Flat Tummy

Yea, we’ve heard this expression before, but it truly makes a difference in your healthy regimen. If you wait to workout at night, probably after work or school, then you have a higher chance of changing your mind and hitting the couch. Wake up early 2-3 days a week and get your workout over and done with before you have to start your day. One, you will already have your workout logged before most people head to work half asleep. Two, that means you will be wide awake and ready to be productive. Three, you may make more healthy choices throughout the day since you are starting on the right foot. And finally, you will kick start your metabolism so you are already burning fat, and will continue to throughout the day.

2. Buddy Up

Since my main exercise is running, I am guilty of solo workouts. However, finding a fitness buddy will help keep you accountable and motivate you to get your workout in even when you don’t want to. If they are more fit than you, you may be encouraged to really give it your all. If they are less fit than you, then you could be helping them reach their personal goals. You can tell yourself that you don’t want to workout, but calling your friend who is already waiting is harder to do. Plus they may want to do a race with you!

3. Treat Yourself

Ah, the benefits of working out. Your pants will fit better, you will sleep better at night, and have a boost in self-confidence that will make you happier. After all that hard work, make sure you treat yourself. Now, I”m not talking about a cheat meal. Yes, I believe that if you follow a diet all week that you are allowed to indulge in unhealthy foods every once in a while—as long as your practice portion control. In this case, I mean treating yourself to new workout gear or gadget. There are tons of fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, gym equipment, etc, etc on the market, so you should splurge from time to time. Think of it as investing in your health. If you buy new running sneakers, chances are you want to take them out for a run. If you have new flashy yoga tights, you will want to get moving in them.

(Need some help finding a fitness tracker? Watch my video with Tech Times TV)

I also read a great tip in Runner’s World that stated you should treat yourself to something relaxing after a race the equivalent to the time it took you to complete it. For example, if you ran a 5k in 30 minutes, go home a take a half hour bubble bath. Completed a half marathon, go for massage. You deserve it.

4. Keep A Journal

The best way to stick to your new eating healthier plan is by logging your meals. That way you can visually see what kinds of foods you are eating. There are countless apps that can help you do this, many syncing to your fitness trackers. When you go food shopping, fill your chart with mostly fruits and veggies first. When you eat a meal, eat the fruits and veggies first.

5. Keep Things Fresh

If you follow the same schedule week after week, you will get bored, tired and decide to take some time off. Freshen up your weekly workouts by adding a new activity in as often as you can. Take a new class one week or swap your run for a swim. This will also keep your muscles guessing so that you continue to tone up and lose weight.

What ways do you motivate yourself? When on the treadmill, I visual my medals from races or crossing the finish line of my next. When I don’t want to wake up earlier than I have to, I go to bed in my workout clothes so I can just roll out and bed and get moving. Prepackaging your lunch in advance can also save you money at work from eating out and will make healthy eating much easier.



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