Week One Half Marathon Training Recap


I still can’t believe that week one has already come and gone! I must say it was a rocky start partially because I am still stuck with my cold symptoms and the snow days had in home-bound.

Here’s how the week was supposed to be like: Monday- off day, Tuesday- 3 miles,Wednesday-interval run, Thursday- 3 miles,  Friday- off,  Saturday-tempo run, Sunday- long distance run, 5 miles.

Instead, Monday and Tuesday were off days since I was sick as a dog. Wednesday, I cross trained in my home gym, which included jump rope, squats, lots of ab work and stretches. Thursday was another off day since I had a long, busy day at work.

Then the weekend came where I could finally get my runs in. Friday, I ran 5 miles, adding in elevation and speed work. Saturday was another 5 mile run where I focused on intervals, finishing at 1:09, followed by light ab work. Then I finished off today with another 5 run run, which was on schedule. This was supposed to be a jog and I wasn’t really feeling too well, but I pushed through in 1:19.

That means I ran 15 miles this week, which is just short of my minim 20 mile goal each week. I let myself take it easy since I’m sick and my next 5k is only two weeks away, so I want to make sure I am healthy for it.

Overall, I happy with the work I put in—even though my runs where treadmill bound because of the snow. I also skipped the music today and instead watched some Son of Anarchy on my Nook during the run, which was a nice change.

I can’t wait for my iFit module to come so I can have some scenery for my runs, but running on the treadmill isn’t as boring as I thought it would be. I think it’s a great way to teach myself to stay focused on form and keeping up speed.

Now it’s time to watch the puppy bowl and Super Bowl and celebrate a good workout week with a few beers. I am skipping out on the bad foods. Last year, I was all about the Buffalo wings, but now that I am a vegetarian, I will cook up a healthy veggie burger with some vegan cheese.

Hope you all had a good running week! What is your goals for next week?

[PHOTO CREDIT: MilitaryHealth/Flickr]


4 comments on “Week One Half Marathon Training Recap”

    1. Hey, so interval runs I warm up at a nice jog for 10 minutes and then run hard for 1 min then at an easy pace for 2 minutes and repeat 4-5 times, and then cool down. The less weeks until my half marathon, the more I add repeats. Tempo runs are harder efforts that your goal pace. So start with a comfortable pace and then really sprint it out. My plan calls for me to do 20 mins of really pushing it. So I will start slow, then really sprint it out, followed by a steady run for the remainder of the 3 miles, how ever long that leads me to. Hope this helps!

  1. Yaaay!! Way to go!! Hope you’re having a fun time watching the puppy bowl and Super Bowl!! I love that cutie puppy bowl!! Hehe!! Have a fab start to your week! XOXO

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