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Third Time’s The Charm: Training For My Third Half Marathon

There is something so exciting about starting a new adventure—especially when it comes to training. In just 12 short weeks, a cocktail of nerves and excitement will flow through my veins, as I cross the finish line buzzed with accomplishment. I can hardly wait.

But race day is more about having fun and enjoying the experience (not matter how hard it gets and how sore your muscles may feel). It real journey is going through training, putting in those miles, strengthening your body and mind, all while juggling and balancing all that life has to offer.

Unfortunately, I decided to cancel my third scheduled half in October, for some much needed rest. But I am dying to finally race again—and this will be an awesome race because I finally be running one in NYC!

Okay, so technically I’ve ran a half in Brooklyn and another one in Queens, but I will be running the More/Fitness Half in Central Park on April 19. So happy to finally be running in Manhattan! (I am also thinking about running the Women’s First Half Marathon in BK in late March, but will see once the date gets closer. This race holds a special place in my heart since it was my first half, and the route includes all flat lands, perfect for a PR and trail run before the Central Park hilly half. We’ll see for now.)

Now, I am all about running outside. HOWEVER, I am not about running where there are no sidewalks,  black ice, and lots and lots of snow. I also am suffering from a head cold (since everyone in my house is sick and also I took off my running jacket during a 4 mile run a few days ago and think the cold got to me.), so I want to make sure I can continue to run without getting sick the rest of the winter. Now I do layer up, wear gloves and all that jazz, but I am also changing my work situation, meaning it will probably be late-night by the time I get to run.

So I decided to gift myself a treadmill (since it was just my birthday!) I originally was going to go with the NordicTrack 900i, but they were back ordered and I probably wouldn’t get it for over a month. So I went with the Nordic Track C 800.

spin_prod_1243327012It was on sale, so that’s a plus, has 24 preloaded workouts, is iFit compatible, has a fan, heart rate monitors, 1-12 mph, 0-12 % incline, and folds up. My new baby will be shipped on Friday, so I couldn’t be happier.

I left feeling so excited, and hit up the supermarket to get organic fruits and veggies for proper nutrition and more vegan items. (Yum!!)

Then my sister came to bring me a care package of cold medicine and treats so I get well soon and we went to Walmart. We both got some new workout pants and shirts and other fitness items.

strap and ropeI picked up Gold’s Gym stretch straps to help increase my flexibility, strength my ore and really get deep stretches in. I also got Gold’s Gym Speed Jump Rope for some cardio on cross training days, Then I couldn’t resist getting the Gold’s Gym Ab Wheel to again, get that core strong. I am really going to give it my all over the next 12 weeks and couldn’t feel more prepared.

FullSizeRenderIt seems like I am going to have my own little personal gym in the basement to go along with my yoga matt, toning ball and weights!
proteinI also picked up some other treats for pre and post workouts. Anyone get some running goodies over the weekend?


5 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm: Training For My Third Half Marathon

  1. Nice stuff and yay to getting a treadmill!! That’s awesome and my fave gym accessory is Gold’s Gym ab wheel! It’s the best!! Just make sure you engage your core while rolling because it can cause (at least at first) some back pain! Have fun and rock it! XOXO

    1. Whoohoo! I’m so excited for it to come. Yea, I found that out today..I felt some back pain and thought I was doing it wrong. Good to know I just need to focus on my core. It felt good to workout in my little home gym! xoxo

  2. Good luck with the new treadmill!

    1. Thanks! With the blizzard hitting NY, I will surely be using it haha

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