I’m Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Super Sizes The Love In Refreshed Ad Campaign

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While we are na-na-na-na not lovin’ fast food diets when living a fit life, indulging from time to time (as long as you portion and choose the healthiest options) is okay (hey! we are only human here!). What we are loving is McDonald’s new ad campaign that is empathizing not on super sizing meals, but our hearts.

While greasy fast food is one of the worst things for our hearts, we won’t bash the world’s largest fast good chain for being unhealthy. While its new ad may attract kids to want the fast food, the overall message behind the ads are well, kind of sweet.

McDonald’s has rolled out new commercials as a response to a stop in sales as competition stiffens,   refreshing its famous “I’m lovin’ it” campaign.

Released on Friday, the new marketing ads is a play on its famous slogan, featuring animated characters that are known to be opposites sharing the love. The ads, called “Archenemies” are  created by Leo Burnett, and feature pop-culture characters getting along instead of infamously being at odds ends. These characters include the Joker and Batman, a mailman and a dog, Pacman and Ghost, Dorothy and the Wicket Witch, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Smurfs and Gargamel, and even a blue donkey and red elephant.

“We recognize, and our customers do too, all the negativity that surrounds daily life and we are choosing to celebrate lovin’ more,” it says in a statement. “McDonald’s is in a unique position to use its scale to bring back the positivity with more uplifting content and conversations in the lovin’ spirit.”

The ads include the characters smiling together and lots of hearts, followed by the text, “Choose Lovin;” before “I’m lovin’ it.”

The new ads are not the only new things McDonald’s is rolling out in 2015. Employees will wear new uniforms and food will get new packaging. McDonald’s is also testing a new “Build Your Burger” program that features 22 new ingredients and allows customers to place orders using a tablet to better appear to millennials.

“Each day, we hope to do our part to put just a little more lovin’ in the world because a little more lovin’ can change a lot,” the McDonald’s says.

These attempts are to increase sales. In November, sales dropped 4.6% in U.S. establishments.

“Lately, the balance of lovin’ and hatin’ seems off. Who better than to stand up for lovin’ than McDonald’s?” says chief marketing officer for McDonald’s USA and “hockey mom” Deborah Wahl,

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