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Best Running Song!!

If you are a runner like me who loves sprinting it out to upbeat,let-the-beat-drop, pound-the-pavement-hard songs that give you that extra motivation, then you will want to add this song to your playlist NOW!!

Yonce and all her glory released a new single and video this week called “7/11.”  After running to it today, I am convinced that Queen B created that song for runners worldwide.


“Legs movin’ side to side, smack it, smack it in the air,” Beyonce sings.


When I first saw a clip for the song she posted on Instagram, I was on the fence with this one. While I love the more intimate video, my initial reaction was this is not her best. (Umm..haven’t you heard “Haunted?”)


But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have been seduced by the power of her greatness (and her dance moves!) Before you judge, go running to this track, and I bet you will be motivated to really sprint it out.



Listen to “7/11” below.


Lauren Keating is a freelance journalist, who specializes in health, nutrition, and fitness reporting. She is a former trends reporter for Tech Times and was previously a contributing writer for Fit Nation Magazine and covered a nutrition beat (as well as covering other miscellaneous topics) for Brooklyn News Service. She currently freelances for RunnerClick and Rockay running sites. She has a love for running and is always looking for new fitness and health trends.

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