Half marathon training week nine


I am in disbelief that my next half is only 13 days away as I write this. I am starting to get the prerace jitters, which is something that didn’t happen for my first half.

I trusted in my training last time around, really staying on target with all my small goals along the way. I do feel comfortable running 10 miles (I run 10 miles almost each week. I just mentally tell myself what is 3 more miles?

I am still a bit anxious for the race thought, something I am sure if pretty normal. I missed one short distance run this week, but do A LOT of walking two days back to back, so much that my muscles were aching and I knew that it was time to get them a rest.

Overall, I am feeling stronger and faster than ever during my runs. I acknowledge that my training this time around more intermediate, so I know when to push my body and when it’s okay to scale down and prevent injury before the Big Day.

Sunday, Aug. 24 I had a 10-mile run scheduled, but instead when for it on Monday (an usual off day). It was really hot and I hated a new gel I was trying out (pina colda flavor), so only did a total of 9 miles. I am still proud because I ran from the house, through the whole South Beach boardwalk to the very end when you can’t go anymore because then you’re basically at the Verrazano Bridge.

It was so deadly hot that I was so happy there were plenty of water foundations to refill. I had to pour water on myself the whole way and refilled four times. I made sure to stay hydrated and run in as much shade as possible. Problem was there were no shaded areas on the boardwalk as the sun beamed down.

I was thankful to run right home, shower to cool off and spend the rest of the day in the air-conditioned mall.

Tuesday was abs, nothing really exciting going on there, but Wednesday I woke up early and ran 2.38 miles before work and did at home exercises through the day like ab work with a toning ball, squats and pushups.

Thursday I ran miles—well actually 4.95 to be exact but you still the get the point. Mile 2 I was in the zone and ran a mile the fastest I ever felt. But I wasn’t feeling well before the run and while I tried to push through it, I had to walk to entire last mile.

Friday I was still feel sick, but walked about 4 miles instead of running.

Now that is a long weekend, I really wanted to start September off with a run, but I am resting my legs so I can run strong and not injure myself.

Despite feeling nervous, I am also really getting really excited for the race. My new running shoes will be shipped tomorrow, so stay tuned for a review!

Happy Labor Day!


2 comments on “Half marathon training week nine”

  1. Awesome job on your training!! YOU ROCK!! Wow, half marathon sooo close!! Exciting, right?!! 🙂 🙂 I know, it has been grossly humid in VA lately and oh boy, I’m dumping water on my head lots!! You’re doing amazing!! GO YOU!!

  2. Nice job!! I always feel so guilty when I miss a run, like stupidly guilty but sometimes you need it if not for your legs but for your mind.
    Race is coming up so quick…wooo!

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