‘Smart Shoes’ the step in fitness tracking

It seems like are countless fitness trackers to count each mile ran and calorie burned. While some runners use Garmin watches, Nike Fuelbands, Fitbit and the laundry list of other trackers, others simply use an app on their phone that can also be used for navigation. But looking down to figure out where you are running to can be annoying, let alone slow you down and mess with your form. Imagine if your shoes just led you were you wanted to go?

That is exactly that what Indian-based company Ducere Technologies as created.

No longer do you have to look to see where you are going or listen to annoying monotone voices that pause your music. Ducere Technologies has developed Lechal “smart shoes,” which are technically insoles, that are simply inserted into workout sneakers and tell you direct you where to go. The smart shoes connect via Bluetooth to an app on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones that syncs to Google Maps. All you have to do is use the app to select where you want to go and the insoles will vibrate when it is time to turn. A right buzzing shoe means hang right, while a buzzing left shoe means turn left.

This makes smart shoes perfect for tourist who want to sightsee and snap photos, without getting lost behind paper maps.The technology will alert you if you left your phone behind and notify tourist about upcoming landmarks.In Hindi, Lechal means “take me along.”

Lechal smart shoes were originally created for the blind and those are visually impaired. Developers than realized that adding a fitness tracking feature would take their invention to the next level. The shoes also track your footsteps and calculate calories burned.

Smart shoes is the first footwear that has haptic technology, which is feedback through touch.To charge the soles and shoes, a rechargeable battery is inserted on the back of the sole or behind the heel of the sneaker. This “world’s first interactive charger” will tell you how much it is charged when you snap your fingers.

The smart shoes will run you $100 or $150 for insoles plus shoes. The company says it already has 25,000 orders. They are available for preorder to be shipped in September at lechal.com.


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