Laundry list of #runnerproblems


I have noticed that lately all I wear is workout clothes. My closet is spilt between three classifications of clothes: business-casual-chic office outfits, every day attire, and running gear. So when I saw my hamper piling up, and after I realized I would have to wear yoga leggings instead of shorts, it was time to do laundry.

After the fresh cycle was completed, the crisp linen smell still seeping from fabrics, I came to the second realization of the day— the entire load of laundry was of workout clothes, and I might have a running clothes addiction. #runnerproblems

Besides the obvious undies and pjs, folding my freshly washed clothes revealed all I wear is clothes to go running in. Sea foam and neon greens stand out among the sea of hot pinks, purples, and oranges. There are a few pairs of running shorts, every single sports bra I own—except one and I’m wearing it as I write this—and various tanks and tees.

Part of the increase in running clothes is because I have been running a lot more no that my next half is a month away. The other reasoning behind why my laundry is full of running clothes is because a change in jobs means I get to work from home. This means I dressed ready to run for any time of the day! The only hardship of this is picking out what workout outfit to wear–best #runnerproblem

In spirit of my joy over being an obsessed runner, here are some other noteworthy #runnerproblems


1. Spending time running in the sun has given my face, arms, and I like to think my legs a nice tan—but my feet are stuck in winter. No matter how many times I wear flip-flops out when not running, my feet remain white. #runnerproblems


2. Wanting to go for a second run for the day, but you might be on the verge on shin splints if you do one more mile. Apparently running 25 miles in a week is enough. I just want to run! #runnersproblems


3. Browsing for a new pair of running sneakers after just buying a pair. In my defense, good running shoes are the most important part of avoiding injury. Plus a girl can never have enough pair of shoes, and for this girl my shoe of choice is of the running kinds. #runnerproblems


4. Hearing your favorite running song and then it gets stuck in your head all day. Just saw the strange video for Ariana Grande’s “Break free,” and now I’m having flashbacks of the endorphin rush I get when running to it. Can we ditch the club and just go running? #runnersproblems


5. My increased metabolism makes me hungry all the time. Early more runs burn more calories, but they also make me ravenous the entire morning, and afternoon, and evening, and late night snack time. Thankfully shorter runs don’t mess with my diet, and I do eat healthy, but my long distance runs leave me ready to eat full meals every two hours! Does that mean its cheat day? #runnersproblems



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  1. I simply loved it!!! I was overdressed for my run yesterday because I was unsure about the weather. Result? Only my face was in the sun. So weird.
    I will try not to buy a new pair of running shoes tomorrow. *fingers crossed* 😉

  2. Haha these are great! I can relate to most of them. I often joke that I became a Personal Trainer so it would be acceptable to wear workout clothes all day every day. But let’s be honest…it was acceptable before too 😉 thanks for the giggle!

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