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When I began running, I was a Nike girl. I literally run through my favorite grey pair with the neon orange swoosh and hot pink accents. They were my perfect pair and hung onto them until recently, when I took them out for their last run for a mud run. They were in no shape to run in anymore and used the race as an opportunity to throw them away—without getting my other workout sneaks trashed.

Training and running my first half marathon, I was fixed and feel in love with Saucony Ride 6. I still keep this sneaker in my running rotation, but they have logged many miles with me other the past few months and it is time for them to be retired as a frontrunner in my running wardrobe.

My shopping addict tendencies were anxious to buy a new pair of running shoes, but I took my time picking the perfect pair. Paradoxically, I was too lazy to go and be fitted for a new pair, even though I was motivated and ready to run in a new pair.

After asking my Facebook running communities, reading product reviews, asking my sweat pink ambassador sisters and many of you, a narrowed it down to three options. While I wanted to remain a loyal Saucony runner, I did want to try the other brands runners raved about. I loved that my Ride 6’s made my ankles feel stable because I had a previous ankle injury, but they didn’t feel too tight. I am a neutral runner that doesn’t overpronate (where the foot rolls inward). My Saucony’s never always made me feel comfortable, so the next pair had big shoes to fill.

My heart was set on a pair of Brooke’s until I read more about Mizuno. The company’s “Wave” running shoes such as the Precision and Exlir have gotten positive reviews. After some research based on the shoe that will be good for my feet, I found the Sayonaras. The Sayonara 2 is available on their website, which has more breathable material and more cushioning—all while being light-weight and fast.

The one thing that I can say about this shoe is how light it really feels. Running in the Sayonara makes me feel lighter and faster on my feet. I have noticed that my times are a hair faster—but no major breakthroughs in speed. It also is flexible and bends more than my Rides. The shoe did feel narrower than I am used to and I had to loosen to shoestrings to avoid irritation on the side of my left foot in particular.

20140805_151944I chose a 10-mile run along a path near a beach (I ran on concrete, not sand) to break them in. After loosening the strings, the Sayonara are very comfortable to run in. My foot fits snug in the shoe, making me not over or under pronate They fit my foot and don’t feel too loose around my ankles, especially since I don’t like too much cushioning. My toes don’t feel crammed in the toe box and my feet feel like they can breathe in the mesh fabric.

I chose the cabbage/orchid bouquet/aurora color, which are an awesome turquoise, neon green and lilac. Normally this shoe will run you about $120, but sites like DSW and Footlocker offer them for between $75-$90.

I feel like I land midfoot and roll on my toes, hitting the ground with a smooth transition, effortlessly. I don’t have to focus on proper form as much as I used to in this shoe. I feel more natural in my running when wearing the Wave Sayonaras.

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Sayonara makes me feel lighter and faster on my feet, while giving me the perfect balance or comfort and keeping my feet in proper form. I have run in them for long runs and interval runs.

I am on a quest to find the perfect shoe to run my next half in, and while I am not 100% sure these are the ones that will take me all 13.1 miles, I am keeping these as my main running shoe.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.35.39 PM

Do you run in Mizuno running sneakers? What’s your favorite running sneaker? Feel free to add pics in comment section!


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