YouTube Obesity Awareness Video Says Stop The Cycle

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More than one-third of American adults are obese. Obesity is caused by poor dietary habits, a lack of exercise, and overall sedentary lifestyle. Many of these habits take root in childhood. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17% of children ages 2 to 19 are obese in the U.S.

While the rates of childhood obesity still remain high, a new YouTube video attempts to stop the cycle.

Uploaded by Your Nutrition Spot, the anti-obesity video opens with an overweight man being rushed into the emergency room for some obesity-related illness. Obesity can cause diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and a laundry list of other complications.

The obesity awareness video followed the man’s daily routine, rewinding in time to his childhood. Viewers see how he rarely exercises and when he does he is out of breath. Even throwing a Frisbee with his child gets him winded. He eats unhealthy foods, drinks soda, and spends time in front of the TV.

As the video progress, we follow him through his past habits of being an unhealthy teenager who plays video games. In his childhood, he stashes candy in his drawers and sits on the bench at the park.

The child’s mother is seen giving him juice instead of water and happy meals. When the man is a fussy toddler, the mother gives him French fries to calm him down.

“I still can’t believe you give this child French fries,” a friend tells the mother. “It’s the only thing that will make him stop,” the mother says through a teeth-clenching fake smile.

“Your child’s future doesn’t have to look like this,” the obesity video reads, as doctors cut through the man’s shirt on the hospital table.

Parents are urged that there is still time to prevent adult obesity if they follow healthy habits. Parents should lead through example and encourage their children to make healthy choices. Treats like soda or junk food is okay to have every once in a while, but it should be just that—a treat. These “bad” foods should not become part of a child’s every day diet.

While the video is stirring controversy for being a bit harsh, this is a real world epidemic that needs awareness.

Obesity kills; stop the cycle now.


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