Best Running Products: BottleBand Review


Runners should make sure they are properly hydrated before, during, and after their runs. While chugging down high-quality H2O is easy to do both before and after, I often find myself irritated by carrying a water bottle with me during those long and hot runs.

Wanting to be hands free was always wishful thinking—that is before I stumbled up of the best running products, the BottleBand.

Using my BottleBand
Using my BottleBand

BottleBand turns any bottle into a handheld.

Running you only $5.99, this band stretches to fit about any sized bottle. According to their website, “Its one-size-fits all construction can also be tightened by pulling the circular bands apart to fit any hand size.” If you are a disposable water drinker, after finishing the liquid content, simply toss the bottle in the trash, “put the band on your wrist, and run unencumbered.”

I finally got to use my BottleBand for this morning’s run. I set out at 5:30 a.m. to run a 4-miler. I was feeling tired half way through, and was happy that I carried along my water to hydrate me through the last 2 miles.


I attached my turquoise “Eat.Sleep.Run” band around my Bobble water bottle that is a

Sorry that it is blurry, but wanted to show you how hands free it feels!
Sorry that it is blurry, but wanted to show you how hands free it feels!

bit indented from my clenching onto it so uncomfortably during my runs. The band fit snuggly around the bottle, my hand slid in perfectly and was able to focus on my run without feeling weighed down without hand motion.

My fist were tightly clenched like the sometimes are and I felt free!!

I have not tried a running belt that can fit water, but don’t think that option is right for me. For those who like to have water in hand, but without fussing with it, I suggest getting this product. I will surely be taking it along for my runs.

Like morning’s run was a little rough. I took two days off because my body was dead tired, so I tried to ease myself back in. Like I said, two miles in I contemplated giving up, but proudly pushed through.

Sometimes the only competition we have is the voice inside our heads telling us to quit.Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.57.20 AM


I am happy I didn’t quit because I got to see the sunrise, the pinks and oranges mixing together with the creation of a new day.





Check out some pics from my run!


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Do you have a BottleBand? Which one do you have? Do you use another water bottle option? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. hey lauren! great post! i haven’t heard of this one, but i use a nathan quick draw plus handheld for $18 on amazon recently and am really enjoying it–it’s not too heavy, the pocket fits my iphone and keys well, and it’s very sturdy. the water stays cool and doesn’t splash around. i’m not sure if i like the handheld option–i might try the hydration belt, but it looks awkward too–but i only use it on really long, hot runs. sometimes i’ll just put a dollar in my pocket and buy a gatorade at a gas station if it’s on my running route! 🙂

    1. Thanks Traci! I am going to look at the one you use. $18 isn’t bad at all, especially if it keeps your water cool. I only use it for long, hot runs too, but yea I used to do the dollar deal when I know a store is along the way =) Thanks for reading!

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