Cheesecake Factory Takes the Cake for Xtreme Eating Award 2014


It is no shock that eating out can lead to consuming more calories than we should. What may be shocking is that some restaurant meals have more than 3,000 calories, meaning that you could take home most of the meal and still have consumed enough calories for the day in one sitting.

In an attempt to make the public aware of the ‘fattest’ fast food meals, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has revealed the 2014 Xtreme Eating Award “winners.”

While CSPI stated that almost all the winners hit the 2,000 calories a plate mark (with some topping 3,000 calories), The Cheesecake Factory takes the cake, landing three of the nine spots on the list. The nonprofit stated that the popular mall restaurant could have easily filled the entire list.

Making room for other fat-filled options, Red Robin, Famous Dave’s, and Joe’s Crab Shack all won top spots on the list. Check out all the Xtreme-ly unhealthy meals below:

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4 comments on “Cheesecake Factory Takes the Cake for Xtreme Eating Award 2014”

    1. These types of meals are just encouraging the obesity culture we live in, in my opinion. Maybe you and the whole family are supposed to spilt this 3,000 cal meal? hahah If I read a dish had that many calories, I would seriously reconsider my restaurant preferences.

      1. Yeah that could be like a family-style plate but even so, for a family of four, that’s 750 calories per person. That’s still too much for one meal. Ridiculous, I say.

      2. I agree 100%. I’d rather eat a well-portioned healthy home cooked meal and then indulge in a small dessert if I want to treat myself. Just thinking about that much food makes me sick lol.

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