Week 4 Half Marathon Training


July 21- 27

If you read my last post, you know that a week away vacationing in Florida made it a little difficult to stick to my running plans. That meant this week I decided to kick up my training a notch.

Monday was supposed to be an off day, but I chose to go for a run not only because I had missed a few days, but also because I was missing the actual action of running. Even though my first day back to work had me tired, I got dressed and headed out the door. It was refreshing to run without intense humidity, but it was a painful run even from the first step. My ankles and left knee hurt from the minute I took off, making me wonder if I didn’t stretch enough, if a few days off had set back my body, or if it finally time to retire my running shoes for a new pair. I was aiming to run three 10-minute miles, but instead finished 3.2 miles at 35:45.

Tuesday I really wanted to push myself to run a fast 5k. On my running schedule was 3 miles, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I found myself really thinking about my pace throughout the run. I felt more uptight and got very tried towards the end. I took along CocoGo Real Fruit Hydration grape flavor in some water, a product from my Stride Box, but I found that hydrating this way when running only gave me a stomachache. I did run an average pace of 10:23, and it does feel good to consistently fall in the 10 minute per mile range.

Wednesday I came home and decided to eat dinner first before my run. As I digested, lightening flashed multiple times and the downpour began. At first I thought I could still go for my run, but then became doubtful. Around 10 p.m. the rain turned into a light sprinkle and I laced up, really wanting to get out there. Light rain runs are my favorite kinds of runs.

20140723_234020My training required 10 minute warm up, 6 X 1 minute high intensity, 2-minute low intensity, 10 minute cool down. I set my app, but instead decided to free my mind and just enjoy the run. I had never felt more alive. It was like I uncovered the reasons why I love to run and how it brings me such happiness and I didn’t even know I had forgot this. It was relaxing and energizing. I listened to my body and ran with all I had without feeling burnt out and without thoughts in my mind. I finished at 33:21 and decided to make this one count for my virtual 5k run.

I also ran in my Nike Lunarlon’s instead of my Saucony Ride’s, which made me feel light on my feet. After Monday, I have learned the importance of rotating sneakers!

Thursday was rest day partially because I was tired, partially because I indulged in wings, sweet potato fries, and then later mint chocolate chip ice cream! So, apparently it was also cheat meal day. Overall, my nutrition this week really cleaned up—even during the weekend. The only aspect of indulging that I regret is how it made me feel sluggish the next morning. Diet is extremely important, even when it comes to cheat meals.

Friday I had a 3.5-mile run scheduled, but knew that I could easily do an even 4 miles. My first 2-miles was along my favorite route, followed my by normal 2-mile route alongside the train.

PI2513-0002_largeSaturday was my second favorite workout of the week because I finally got back in the gym! I woke up early to go with my mom to her Jenny Craig weigh in, where I got a toning ball workout kit! My goal is to incorporate more ab work and overall toning into my routine. We headed next door to L.A. Fitness and did lots of arm exercises including kettleball swings, bicep curls, triceps work on the machines, and toning ball throws. I had a 25 temp run scheduled, and did this on the treadmill. I ran a total of 3 miles and working up a sweat is an understatement. I maintained a 5.0 mph speed at a 1.0 incline, increasing both for tempo work. Left the gym feeling strong!

I forgot how good it felt to be sore! Sunday my arms felt the burn, being slightly sore. A 7-mile slow, long distance run was planned and while I headed out at 10 a.m., I feel like I should’ve rose earlier. It was a HOT one! The Winner1humidity and heat was brutal, causing me to slow down more than I had wanted do. I had to even go into a brisk walk at one point, and decided to pause 3.5 miles in to cool off. I ran through the neighborhood to Gateway beach, and found shade at the main beach entrance. I finished my water bottle and filled up, taking this time to refuel with a GU salted watermelon gel and catch my breath.

I then continued on the rest of the way back home, able to run most of it, until my phone/music died at mile 5. I was at 1:05 at this time, making decent time considering I planned to go slow. But I started to feel exhausted and walked most of mile 6. I had never felt more relieved to finally reach my house. While I did it, it was not one of my best runs. I then read an article that said while running in the heat is hard, your heart rate increases, so even though you may need to go slower, your heart is still going at an increased BPM. You are actually conditioning your body to adjust to higher BPM, so when the weather cools, you may find yourself running faster miles.

I spent the rest of the day at my boyfriend’s for a bbq with his family and my older sister and her boyfriend. I ate a healthy grilled chicken and salad meal although I did have a mini cupcake. I deserved it! After playing darts, socializing and having lots of laughs, my weekend ending on the perfect note.

Overall I ran 24.41 miles and had one strength training session. Next week I plan to focus on incorporating more core strength exercises and finally purchase some new running shoes!


How was your week of training? Did you have a long distance run this weekend?


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  1. hey, lauren! great job keeping up with your running! i just started my second 10-week half-marathon training plan today and thought of you. i just got a pair of new shoes–i usually wear brooks but i decided to try asics, since so many professional runners wear them–and so far they’re super comfortable and light. you should try them out! i got the GT1000 and they were only $80, very affordable for quality running shoes. happy running!!!

  2. Traci, I am so happy you left this comment! I have been asking EVERYONE which shoe they prefer. I was first leaning towards Brooks, but now think I might go for the Asics. I feel like a lot of runner’s do wear them, and I haven’t heard a bad thing yet! Plus my wallet will thank be my going with the cheaper sneaker. I am so excited that you have started your half-marathon training! I can’t wait to read how you are doing along the way. I am so happy it’s rest day for me because I have lots of miles to run this week. Happy running!

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