Week 3 Half Marathon Training


July 14-20th: 

Week three of my training proved to be the hardest yet. This was not because there was more runs or because they were longer distance. It was because I went away on vacation, making sticking to the program a huge challenge.

This week consisted of missing quite a few runs. I packed for my vacation brining plenty of workout clothes. The resort we stayed at, Reunion Resort, included a fitness center, and I looked forward to running outside, taking in all that Florida weather had to offer.

My plan could not have gone more wrong. While I did not manage to get it short distance runs, I did make up for these workouts in other ways. I learned to let myself relax and enjoy my vacation. It was the first time I had gone away with my mom and both my sisters in a long time, not to mention seeing my mom’s side of the family. Plus, we were celebrating my sister’s 21st birthday and my grandma’s 69th, making it a week full of eating and drinking.

If you read week two’s post, you know that Saturday (the 12th) and Sunday (the 13th) I did not run because we were in route to our destination. We drove Saturday to my uncle’s house in North Carolina were we crashed upon arrival and woke up early to make it to Florida. While I know I could have squeezed in my runs then, my body was tired from being cramped up for almost two days in the car.

Older sister, me, younger sister at Reunion Resort water park.
Older sister, me, younger sister at Reunion Resort water park.



Monday (the 14th) was a day relaxing poolside. I enjoyed all the vitamin D the Florida sun gave me, and how could I say no to poolside waiters bringing me frozen margaritas?! The pool had a waterpark and a lazy river, so the day was full of tanning, drinking, and swimming.

I did go to the gym, which was disappointingly small and smelly. The treadmill was nice and I was able to run 2 miles, before having to leave early to return guest passes to my other family members.

(This was supposed to be an off day according to my training plan.)



Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.27.33 PM
Harry Potter, Diagon Alley.


On Tuesday according to plan I would be running 3 miles, a run was out of the question because my sister, her boyfriend, and myself went to Universal Studios AND Island’s of Adventure. I walked 10, 432

The Hulk
The Hulk

steps throughout the day (burning 1146 calories), according to my Nike Fuel Band, and rode the new Harry Potter ride (which was a disappointment and not worth the wait), drank butter beer, and rode all the rollercoasters such as my favorite, the Hulk front row. Transformers 3D ride and the old Harry Potter ride were amongst my other favorites.




A bug's life.
A bug’s life.

Wednesday I rose early to get in my long distance 6-mile run in that I missed on Sunday. This run was part refreshing, part exhausting. It felt good to run, especially after a few off days and I loved checking out new scenery. I ran past the golf course, palm trees, and dodged supersized grasshoppers. Towards the 4-mile mark, I began feeling really tried, the heat beating on me and had to slow down to a brisk walk a few times. Still, I finished strong, having to lap around the condo area a few times to get to that exact 6-miles.

I was going to go horseback ridding, but that was cancelled, and plans changed to hang by the pool, but the rain prevented that. By the time it stopped, it was time to get ready for dinner and drinks for the 21st birthday girl. I drank WAY more than I should’ve, but enjoyed myself, dancing the night away at the Groove in City Walk after bar hopping.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.27.17 PM

Thursday I woke early to head off to MGM Studios and Epcot for Disney day. We did lots of walking again and my knees and feet really hurt. I burned a total of 1319 calories, walking 14,786 steps. Plus I was nursing a hangover that took awhile to get rid of. We had dinner at Animal Kingdom’s Rainforest Café for my grandmother and then did MORE walking downtown Disney at the shops. Needless to say, I was too exhausted for running.






Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.08.49 PM
Look at my toned tummy!

Friday was check out day at our resort, so we packed up and headed 20 minutes away to my grandparents house. I spent the day at their pool with the entire family, including my three younger cousins and had lots of fun tanning, having girl talk, playing water games, and a 30-minute basketball game. We came back for dinner (turkey tacos!) and went back to the pool before playing some poker and finally sleeping at 2 a.m.

Saturday and Sunday were both travel days again, first to North Carolina, then back home to New York We hit lots of traffic on Sunday, making the car ride VERY long.

I will “makeup” for my missed long Sunday run this week and will really buckle down and make sure I get all runs in. While I hardly stuck to my training plan this week, I have no regrets enjoying my vacation. I did make it to the gym once and made time for one long run, while spending two full days of walking, and stayed active by swimming and playing basketball.

Now that I got the drinking, eating, and relaxing out of my system, it is now time to GET TO WORK! I’m so excited to report back next week with my progress. 7 weeks away from race day!


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  1. It’s definitely hard to stick to a structured plan on vacation, but definitely in Disney you make up for it in walking. It sounds like you had a great time. Welcome back to reality 🙂

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! It’s good that you let yourself relax. I felt also super guilty while on vacation in Europe, but then I was walking a LOT, so I told myself that it was okay 🙂 xoxo

  3. I went to Florida last spring and even with the best laid plans and awesome March weather, the most exercise I had was walking around Universal studios. Vacation = time away from the routine so no sweat on the missed workouts. 7 weeks is plenty of time to get ready for the half.

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I have been running consistently enough where I believe that 7 weeks is plenty of time to prepare. I am trying to shave off a few minutes from my time, which is why my training plan requires more runs. I am happy that I was able to relax! It’s good to know that I don’t have to feel guilty for putting my training on a mini vacation too =) Thanks for reading!

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