Week 2 Half Marathon Training

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July 7-14th:

Week milage

Monday brought with it a fresh start when it comes to my half marathon-training plan.  If you read week 1’s post, you know that after getting in my runs during the week, I missed both runs over the weekend. While Monday is typically my off day, I made up for lazy Sunday by getting in my 5-mile first “long” run.

(I already was feeling sore in my legs from Saturday night’s dance-a-thon at the club, so made sure to really take the time to stretch) [insert stretching video]

While 5-miles might seem like a long run to some, to others it seems to be a walk in the park. After running consistent 10-miles on the weekend, then cutting back, Monday’s run was short enough to push me to run faster and long enough to allow me to focus on a steady pace. Fast and steady became my mantra.

I felt pretty tired miles 2-3, and even though the sun began to set and it wasn’t that hot out, I was sweating up a storm between the humidity and inclines. Miles 3-5 I gave it my all, really feeling in the zone. Towards the end of my run all I could think about was crossing that finish line in September. I love distance running because I get to really show myself what I am made of and push myself to new levels, even when at first it doesn’t seem like I won’t be strong during the entire workout.

Nutrition wise, I was detoxing from a weekend of drinks and buffalo chicken pizza.

That meant cutting calories, but making sure that I snacked on healthy foods to maintain blood sugar levels.

While it was a fresh, healthy, light start here is how the rest of week worked out:

Tuesday-> Run 3 miles

Description: The goal of Easy Runs is to build a solid base. You should be able to carry on a conversation at this pace. Speed workouts are high-intensity intervals. Push yourself to your 5k goal pace or faster. Warm up and cool down with a 10-15 min jog. Do 4 x 50 meters intervals.

I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m., but allowed myself to sleep in until 6. I wish I rose a little bit earlier because the run was already shinning, making it hot and uncomfortable even that early. I never really warm up. I am one to just start moving and increase my pace as I go, slowing and speeding up again as I see fit. This morning I walked half way around the block and then started to slowly dog as my warm up, increasing my pace as I hit off my normal route.

I set my MapMyRun to a 5 minutes warm up, and then 4x 2 minutes high intensity, 3 minutes low intensity. I was aiming to run my 5k pace (30-31 minutes), but found that my legs were a tired from the 5 miles from Monday. I got through the first 2 miles, but during that last mile I really struggled. I was thirsty and didn’t bring water and my legs felt like lead. I allowed myself to walk a little then jog a little, but the constant slowing down and then scrapping up some energy further made me tired. So I settled on allowing myself to cool down and took it easy that last mile.

With that said, my mile 2 was 10:52 min/mi, which I am happy to see and overall I did 3.24 in 39 minutes—not too bad considering the majority of mile 3 I walked.

Wednesday-> 3.2 miles

Description: Intensity: Hard

Strength workouts are mid-intensity intervals. Push yourself to your half marathon goal pace. Warm up and cool down with a 10-15 minute jog. 5x – 1 min hard 2 min easy

Thursday-> Ran 3.03 miles

Description: Intensity: Conversational

An easy run at a conversational pace with 4 x 100m strides after run

Friday-> Off Day

Saturday-> Intensity: Moderate

Duration: 20 Tempos-missed because of travel

Sunday-> Intensity: Conversational Long Runs –Missed because of travel (I was able to get my long run in, it was just a few days later. While I was to stick  exactly to my plan as much as possible, I also realize that I do consistently work hard, and there is nothing wrong with adjusting a few days—especially when you’re on vacation!)

Overall, it was a healthy week. I stayed on top of my nutrition and got in all my run, minus my weekend runs, but stay tuned for my next post to read about my week away on vacation.


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