A Good Night’s Run


After a long day, the last thing I wanted to do was go for my night’s run. While on my commute home, I saw a friend post a Facebook status about signing up for a half marathon in October. This got my runners senses tingling. After asking which half she signed up for, I found out it was the (my current home borough) Staten Island half and I just had to sign up too!

After singing up for the Queen’s half in September, I have already been looking at my next race. I did see the S.I. half and was planning on registering, but was under the impression it wasn’t open until August. I am so happy I saw her post! I hope to run with her sometime soon, and even though I remember her on the track team we were on as being a super fast runner, I will try my best to keep up! Nothing like friendly motivation.

As I walked to my doorstep, I found not one, but TWO packages waiting for me! One was my first Stride Box that I practically ripped open in excitement. This month’s goodies included:

Photo credit: Charlotte Barber Snead
Photo credit: Charlotte Barber Snead

I can’t wait to try all my sampled goodies and continue to find awesome brands and products.

My second package was from US Road Running for my 5k Money Madness virtual race. If you have never done a virtual race before, all you have to do is register and select your distance and what month you are interested in. Then, you pay for the medal ($14-16) and they send it to you with a bib number. You get to pick the day and time you want to do you run, and then log into the site to post your results! For this 5k, I have until July 31st to post my run. It is a great way to stay motivated and keep on running, AND you get to do the race on your own schedule!


But even after settling in and having my Herbalife shake and some fruit, I honestly wasn’t looking forward to even moving. I knew no matter what I was going for my run, but thought about how according to my training plan, I had an intense run planned with a 10 minute warm-up, 5 x 1 minute high intensity followed by 2 minute low intensity, and 10 minute cool down at my 5k pace.

I got dressed and headed out the door. It was as if the stars at aligned. My Songza playlist played the BEST music. I took my hydration bottle with the Nuun lemon line & tri-berry flavored, no calorie electrolyte blend that was amazingly refreshing. Thinking about my virtual 5k, I ran with al I had. Not once did I stop giving it all I had, only slowing down when pausing for passing cars. It was humid and sticky out, but there was a light breeze so I wasn’t suffering. I was able to conquer the hilly, steep inclines I ran, especially during mile 2, a bit easier—even though it was still difficult. I feel like my endurance is increases and having a goal to finish 3.10 miles as close to 30 minutes as possible fueled me and kept me focused the entire run.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.17.40 PM

I finished 3.2 miles in 33:49 with an average pace of 10:34 min/mi (mile 2 my best with 10:22). I just love consistently seeing 10s! I felt so strong after and even after showering and hydrating, I feel so light and happy. Since I have until July 31st to post my results, I am going to try to get this down as close to 30 minutes as possible over the next two weeks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.17.47 PM

I love how sometimes I just don’t feel like I have any fight in me and then show up, deliver, and make myself proud.

Have you ever had a great workout after not wanting it even do it? Do you subscribe to StrideBox? What’s your favorite running-related product?


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    1. No problem, it’s only $15 per month and a great way to try new products without shelling out the money all the time. I will keep getting them each month while I train to find the products I will consistently buy. Plus getting surprise goodies is always fun! hahah

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