What is a ‘Spornosexual’ Man? Top World Cup Spornosexual Fútbol Players


Walking down the busy streets of New York City, it is hard not to pass the perfectly dapper dude. He is lean and tall, muscles slighting bulging from his ironed button down shirt. His pompadour hairdo leaves no strain out of place, not taking away from his strikingly flawless skin. He is well-groomed, well-depressed, and come a dime a dozen now a days. He is the metrosexual male.

However, we have begun to witness the evolution of the metrosexual. Look up at any male underwear billboard, and you will see the slick wet gladiator flesh with chiseled abs of the hottest celeb—cue the David Beckham H&M ad.


Metrosexuals have begun to strip down, and as a result this summer the “spornosexuals” are sizzling. According to journalist Mark Simpson, the man who coined the word metrosexual 20-years-ago, a spornosexual is the bulging muscled, scruff and tattooed man that lives and breathes an athletic life—all to show of that bronzed Greek god bod.

Less obsessed with style and how they look out in public like the traditional metrosexual, spornosexuals are more obsessed with their bodies and how they look naked when showing off their fit bodies.

These ripped spornosexual has been flaunting their buffed bodies on the covers of men’s magazines and across various media, and now the every day man desires or shows off his own shredded physic on instagram and other social media sites.

Simpson writes: “With their painstakingly pumped and chiselled bodies, muscle-enhancing tattoos, piercings, adorable beards and plunging necklines it’s eye-catchingly clear that second-generation metrosexuality is less about clothes than it was for the first. Eagerly self-objectifying, second generation metrosexuality is totally tarty. Their own bodies (more than clobber and product) have become the ultimate accessories, fashioning them at the gym into a hot commodity – one that they share and compare in an online marketplace.

This new wave puts the “sexual” into metrosexuality. In fact, a new term is needed to describe them, these pumped-up offspring of those Ronaldo and Beckham lunch-box ads, where sport got into bed with porn while Mr Armani took pictures.”

What better way to celebrate this trending new word by highlighting soccer’s fútbol’s sexy spornosexual men.

Top Twelve Hottest World Cup 2014 Players 

(In no specific order)


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal
  2. Panagiotis Kone, Greece
  3. Gerard Pique, Spain
  4. Oliver Giroud, France
  5. Neymar, Brazil
  6. Gary Cahill, England
  7. Ezequiel Lavezzi, Argentina
  8. Mauricio Pinilla, Chile
  9. Christian Bolanos, Costa Rica
  10. Carlo Costly, Honduras
  11. Memphis Depay, Netherlands
  12. Graham Zusi, USA

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Germany triumphed over Argentina during today’s match, with a final score of 4-0. The United States is set to play against Ghana tonight at 6 p.m.

Are you watching the world cup? Who are you rooting for? Who is your fav futbol hunk?


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