Gaining Speed


I can hardly wait to officially start my half marathon training at the end of the month.Time is hardly ever our friends, let alone when you are aiming for a faster time during hot weathered runs. I let Monday be my off day because I am still recovering from a little sun burn and some discomfort in my left leg. I pulled my hamstring muscle last week and it has been giving me slight pain lately. What is even worse is that my left knee began to hurt as well. I always stretch before my runs, but the pain remains until my muscles are warmed up. As I gain milage, the pain subsides.

Tonight, I was supposed to hit the gym for some weight training and a 2 mile indoor run. I am happy that my plans changed and was able to eat, relax for a bit, and then enjoy my run outside. I warmed up my doing some ab work, (30 Day Spartan Challenge! Read all about it from the awesome blogger Olena) squats, and made sure to stretch well.

I was aiming for 4 miles tonight, but because of my pain I didn’t want to over do it and settled for 2 miles. I was achy at first and a bit slow, but then started intervals at a steady pace and then sped it up a bit. By the time I finished mile 1, I decided to run my average speed one block and then run as fast as I could for the next block, and repeat until I finished 2 miles. Because I run with MapMyRun and let it track my speed and distance, I do not know the exact distance of my intervals (blocks). I will probably upgrade the app so I can accurate run in intervals to increase my speed.

Either way, I gained some speed in this trial run. Mile 1, I ran at 11:05 min/mi and that includes me warming up. Mile 2, I ran at 10:25 min/mi!!! I think that if I continue to work hard, I will continue to gain some serious speed!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.04.34 PM

I came back home and did a few more squats before stretching again. I tried Be Present Yoga’s

Downward Facing Down Twist and the Spinal Twist, along with other poses like Child’s Pose that I already am familiar with. I finished with “Lengthening Legs: Quad and Hamstring Stretches” Youtube video to further deepen my stretches. Check out the video below!

How do you track your runs? If you use MapMyRun, do you have the MVP? Any other suggestions before I purchase the upgrade?


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  1. Great job on your run and your workout!! You are such a hard worker and I know your half marathon training is going to go marvelously!!! XOXO!!!

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