What is a Normal Body? Miss Indiana USA Proud of Hers


Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant’s Miss Indiana did not take the crown—or even make the top 10—but she did become a winner via headlines and social media for her “normal body.”

Miss Indiana USA Mekayla Diehl made it is far as the top 20, but Twitter, other social media sites, and plenty of websites and news stations have showed the brunette bombshell working the stage in her white swimwear number (all contestants wore the same). She was praised for looking more like the every day female, and not the stick-thin model that has been traditionally favored as a beauty queen in the media.

“I worked hard on my body without obsessing over being too skinny and I couldn’t be more proud,” Diehl tweeted.The 25-year-old knockout with killer curves is 5-foot-8 and wears a size 4. Diehl took to twitter to say that, “’Normal’ is just an opinion and I admire anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle. Just be confident in your own skin is all I ask.”

Normal is just an idealized, subjective opinion. The media shows us that a size 0-2 is normal. Diehl herself is a size 4, which is still a smaller size than the “average” American girl. However, she flaunted her curves with class and pride, showing women that there is nothing wrong with having a little junk in the truck. Her toned midsection showed that fit and healthy is sexier that stick-thin any day.

What are your thoughts about Miss Indiana?  What does this message teach younger girls? How you define a “normal” body?

“Normal” to me means being a healthy weight for your age and height. What is lean or fit to you maybe mean a different size for someone else’s body type. Don’t stress over sizes and focus more on being overall healthy! We are all beauty queens—no matter what size you wear. Don’t let a number define you!



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  1. I thought Miss Indiana looked amazing – and I think she is in great shape. Maybe compared to some of the other contestants, she looked “normal,” but seeing her out normally? She’d stand out, in a very good way, for sure!

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