Shop without the Stop: The Future of Food Shopping


Thanks to the technology age, ordering food online is only a few mouse clicks away. Food shopping for the week has become easier as well thanks to delivery sites, which allow you to virtually shop for the items you need and bring them to your doorstep on the date and time of your choosing. Supermarket giant Shop & Shop has brought another option of food shopping convenience with their new pick-up option.

At the front line of parking spaces, Stop & Shoppers can now see reserved parking for grocery pick ups. The reserved parking sports feature a sign that reads, “Please no tipping,” and a number to call for an employee to hand you off your shopping items.

Although this grocery-shopping alternative may not be available at all Stop & Shop locations (yet), residents of a Matawan, New Jersey location (in the Bed, Bath, & Beyond shopping plaza) can now pick up their groceries on the way home for other errands. According to their site, Stop & Shop locations that offer this feature include several stores in New Jersey, Long Island, and Staten Island and Connecticut

To arrange a pick, customers just have to go online to Shop & Shop and click on the “get started” link under Pick-Up. Customers are then redirected to Peapod by Stop & Shop where they can browse the weekly specials and all categories of food and other items that are featured in store. Food shopping is as easy as clicking items into a virtual bag and your chart can be viewed the entire time when shopping so you are aware of your total. When you are ready to checkout, you can select order for delivery where you can pick the date and time for your goods to be shipped directly to you in the convenience of your home. Or, your can choose the free order for pick-up option.

Could this be the future of food shopping or are Americans becoming lazier? Write your thoughts below.


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