Poliça Perfoms Nov. 8, 2013 Webster Hall NYC

American Synthpop alternative band Poliça performed in New York City’s Webster Hall November 8, 2013.  The band was founded in 2011 with charismatic lead vocalist Channy Leaneagh and producer Ryan Olson, and includes Chris Bierden on bass and
background vocals, and Drew Christopherson drums and Ben Ivascu on drums.

With a haunting beautifully unique sound, Poliça creatively fuses together rock, bass and synth, with poetic lyrics to create music that is more than just body moving bass and dreamy melodies—it captures the essence of the soul through sounds. The band performed songs from their 2012 debut album, Give You The Ghost, and 2013’s Shulamith.

Check out videos from the concert below.




Lauren Keating is a freelance journalist, who specializes in health, nutrition, and fitness reporting. She is a former trends reporter for Tech Times and was previously a contributing writer for Fit Nation Magazine and covered a nutrition beat (as well as covering other miscellaneous topics) for Brooklyn News Service. She currently freelances for RunnerClick and Rockay running sites. She has a love for running and is always looking for new fitness and health trends.

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