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Push Up ChallengeSpartan Race has been holding 30 day challenges the past few months and have proven to be a great way to get the fitness community motivated to keep reaching for their health goals. Yesterday kicked off the 30 days of push-ups challenge; however, participants can accept this challenge anytime. The only rule is once you accept this challenge, you must commit to the entire 30 days. Previous challenges have includes 30 days of burpees and 30 days of squats. Last months squat challenge had 29.7K guests that “attended,” according to the challenge Facebook page.

They encourage participants to post picture and videos on their Facebook page, which include participants off all ages and fitness levels and some even showing variations to the traditional technique. These challenges are a creative way to encourage and invite a community to stay fit and keep working on their healthy habits. Push-ups are the perfect exercise to strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Depending on your form and the variation of the push-up, you can also target your core, glutes, calves, and quads and hamstrings. Doing push-ups increases endurance, metabolism, and blood circulation.

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Air Push Up







JM Push-Ups








Do you love/hate push-ups? How many can you do a day? What is your favorite push-up variation? Sound off in the comments below!







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  1. Oh, I LOVE pushups so much and do them lots during the week, also when practicing my power yoga!! I do tons in a single workout!! I usually do sets during my workouts at the gym!! I do regular pushups + my favorite variation which is handstand pushups!! WOOHOO, love handstand pushups!!

      1. Thank you so much!! It’s the gymnast in me!! I love anything that resembles gymnastics moves!! Have a great time doing your push-ups!! You’re awesome!!

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