Teen dies yards after crossing finish line of half-marathon

What a sad story =( #halfmarathon

WPIX 11 New York

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 2.15.17 PM Cameron Gallagher, pictured running the half-marathon on Sunday, died at the end of the race.
(Photo: WTVR)

VIRGINIA (PIX11) –A 16-year-old girl died just yards after crossing the finish line of  half-marathon in Virginia.

Cameron Gallagher completed the Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday but felt faint moments after finishing, according to WTVR.

“Her entire mission was to enjoy the race and accomplish something and spread that cheer on to other people,” the girl’s father David told the station.

The girl’s parents were cheering her on, and said she looked happy at mile three. By mile 10, however, they said she was visibly tired.

[trib_ndn vid=25725147]

Gallagher later collapsed 50 yards after completing the run.

The teen was rushed to a medical tent where efforts were made to restart her heart and later taken to a nearby hospital, where she died.

The cause of the death is still under…

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