New Yorkers are becoming healthier

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According to the Take Care New York 2012 report, New Yorkers are engaging in healthier lifestyles, resulting in an expectant lifespan increase to 80.9 years. New Yorkers are consuming less junk food, increasing their physical activity, and smoking less.

Mayor Bloomberg, as often criticized for having a nanny-state approach, has put an end to smoking in restaurants, bars, beaches and parks. There was a 2% decrease in smokers, as 15% of New York adults engage in the unhealthy habit.

Although Bloomberg’s soda ban was turned out and in appeal, the number of New Yorkers who drink at least one sugar-sweetened beverage per day dropped to 28.2% in 2012, compared to the 35.% in 2007.

In 2004, the baseline of adults not eating fruits and vegetables the previous day was 14.1% (10.7% in low poverty). The five-year progress report revealed that this number has decreased to 12.5%.

Whether or not Bloomberg’s policies towards health is a factor in the overall increasing health of city, New Yorkers have positively become more health conscious. 


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