A new day in journalism: The multimedia era

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ImageMany believe that a dark cloud has hovered over journalism since the birth of the internet. Like savage vultures circling their weak prey, many people were waiting for the profession of print journalism to be devoured by the internet. But a new day has come and the industry, a once deteriorating specimen has transformed with the changes times.

Mark Briggs, author of “Journalism Next” brings light to this new era in the professional field of journalism. There will always be a need for news, but Briggs tells us that the medium and the way we gather this information has changed.

Now more than ever, multimedia is highly important in the field of journalism. Attention spans are decreasing and outlets to read news are increasing. Journalists are expected to know not only how to write a news story, but also include video, pictures, slideshows and audio to tell their story in a more compelling way.  They also need to stay on top of the new trends that occur regarding the way people receive information. This is important in our interactive environment and plays a major role in engaging a reader. Having and honing these skills is crucial in this age of technology.

The era of multimedia journalism is not only an exciting new chapter in this field, but it allows journalists to let their creative juices flow and sync together various innovative ways to report on a story.

The internet hasn’t killed journalism, it allows it to flourish. Journalist need to be educated in producing multimedia works in order to stand out and be well rounded in a cut throat, competitive industry. Young, ambitious journalists can start their own website or work for a start-up company. There are more opportunities for journalists as they can travel down the road of web writing, video editing, etc. They are no longer boxed into a the category of print journalism.

Thus, the era of multimedia journalist is among us and once again we see the profession of journalism thriving.


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