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10 Things To Do To Work On You For The New Year

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year. And this means we all start singing that same old tune of “new year, new me” mentality that includes losing weight and working on ourselves. In general. It is great to set goals. I am a huge goal setter. But the problem is that most of

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5 Ways To Cure A Hangover In Your Late 20s

No matter how young you are at heart, there comes a time when we all realize that our bodies can no longer hang. It might’ve easy to gulp down shot after shot, then magically shake the hangover the next morning after a bacon, egg and cheese and some Gatorade in our early 20s. Then all

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10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast : T-Lounge : Tech Times

Christmas is only 3 days awaay! And while we all have fitness lovers in our life, you may not know what you get them this year. This list of gifts are perfect for fitness enthusiast. Check them out below!   10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast : T-Lounge : Tech Times.

Best Running Products: BottleBand Review

Runners should make sure they are properly hydrated before, during, and after their runs. While chugging down high-quality H2O is easy to do both before and after, I often find myself irritated by carrying a water bottle with me during those long and hot runs. Wanting to be hands free was always wishful thinking—that is

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Best Running Gear This Summer

You set out for your daily run, securing your laces and getting that final stretch in. Your feet begin rise and fall, your chest mirroring this movement with each breath. Sometimes all you need to run is the desire to run. Some runners don’t even get to sprinting in shoes. Others lace up their old

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Can You Give A Dog Ice Cubes?

Taking your pet pooch out will leave their tails wagging, but a hot-weather walk or run during the summer months leaves their tongues wagging for some ice-cold water. After a blog post, “NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS…PLEASE READ ASAP,” has been in the media spotlight, many are wondering if it is safe to give dogs

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Banning Thong Bathing Suits: Long-Sleeve Suits Next Summer Trend?

A faith-based water park is laying down the laws of land when it comes down to showing off too much skin. Dirty thoughts won’t be coming to mind when it comes to looking at derrieres in revealing bathing suits in an attempt to keep a clean family-friendly environment. Splash Kingdom Waterparks, who runs two parks

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