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What To Eat When Your Baby Has A Cow’s Milk Allergy?

Before my pregnancy I decided to follow a mostly vegetarian diet. Sure I had thought about going vegan, but there was no way I could ever give up cheese. (Hello, pizza??!!)  Going two years without chicken and beef was easy, but quitting my affair with grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream just was something I

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Health Recipe: Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

It’s the weekend and that means I have the extra time to prepare some healthy food. I have grown to love to cook, even though I am not the most advanced chef. Still, preparing healthy recipes is easy to do. For this Saturday’s eats I decided to prepare vegetarian-friendly stuffed peppers. I used organic yellow,

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What Is Souping? Souping Becomes New Juicing Trend

Health trends are always evolving. What’s hot one year fades the next year. In the recent years, we have seen the rise of the gluten-free diet, and the popularity of juicing. Now the hottest (literally) diet and nutrition rising trend appears to be souping. What is souping? Souping is the latest detox trend. Similar to

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Zucchini Boats

// By Sarah Baker for Discover and Play If you don’t have an inkling by now, I have a great affinity for zucchini. I showcased my zucchini stew, and zucchini pasta recipes, and am now using the versatile veggie as the base for a “zucchini boat” recipe. Zucchini keeps you warm and grounded throughout the

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