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This Running Journal Is The Best Way To Track Workouts And Goals

The New Year brings with it new goals, especially when it comes to running. It’s time to start logging miles for 2020. And one of the best ways to track both workouts and goals is my writing it all down in a running journal. There are multiple benefits of having a running journal, Yes, our

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Here’s What That First Run Feels Like After Baby

For the past eight weeks, I have been dreaming about how good it will feel to finally run again. My daydreams featured me mid-run, the endorphins pumping in that old familiar amazing feeling, while the motion itself flowed naturally. It was to be like riding a bike. I knew I would be slow at first

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Running Schedule For When Not Training For A Race

Runners need schedules. We pencil in—physically or mentally—the day, time of day and mileage for our runs. And of course, we all follow training plans for when preparing for a race. These are typically 12-week plans that lie out our workouts for us, provided by an online source of a running coach. We know just

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