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Diets Are Not For Teens And Children—But Eating Healthy And Exercise Are

Diets are one of the most unhealthy things teens and children can do. But eating right—by consummating healthy and nutritious food with the right portions—and exercise is the best thing your kids can do. And yes, exercise is even encouraged for children. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans set by the U.S. Department

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Twice as Many Teens Using Human Growth Hormones

Teens rage on with roids. The number of teens using synthetic human growth hormones (hGH) and other performance enhancing drugs has increased from 5% to 11% in just one year. The survey from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids asked 3,705 boys and girls if they have ever used hGH without a prescription. The results not

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Turn Up Teens Too Young To Drink But Pick Brands From Magazines

It is hard to ignore the fact that the age of alcohol drinkers is becoming younger and younger. Teens sing along to their favorite songs about getting drunk, living life, and acting crazy. Turn down for what? Furthermore, a new study confirmed that too young to legally drink teens are the targets for alcohol ad

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Teens Admit to Texting While Driving, But Have Quit Other Bad Habits

Kicking smoking in the butt has been a success for teenagers, but not without picking up another unhealthy habit. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking among teens has hit an all-time low, but 4 in 10 teens are still texting while driving. Already meeting the government’s Healthy

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Just add water: Powered alcohol approved, then unapproved

American culture is known for its laziness and overindulgent nature. Our society glorifies wild parties and lifestyle behaviors that are supposed to be fun— filled with drugs, alcohol and sex— in the media as a marketing ploy aimed at teens. Take for example the marketing scheme e-cigarette companies have been using to get teenagers to

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