The Difference Between SoulCycle and Other Gym Cycling Classes

Here's the main differences between spinning and indoor cycling, and it's worth it to buy individual classes.


Finding Your Soul At SoulCycle

It might be rest day for some, but Sunday was all about working up a sweat for me. After taking my first SoulCycle class and loving the experience, I am committing myself to take at least one class per month. So taking my SoulCycling obsessed sister (seriously she goes 5 times a week), we reserved … Continue reading Finding Your Soul At SoulCycle

Here’s What A SoulCycle Class Is Really Like

Listen up all my soul sistas (and bros) who love a good sweat session: you need to go to a SoulCycle class. It seems like everyone who has tried the class raves about it, and now from experience, I know exactly why. SoulCycle was made for cardio lovers. It’s the type of class for those … Continue reading Here’s What A SoulCycle Class Is Really Like