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Caterpy Laces Saves Us From This Common Running Shoe Problem

Like many runners out there, I have a real running sneakers addiction. But this love for shoes led me to a major problem with a pair of Brooks: they just weren’t getting tied right. I know the importance of getting properly fitted for a running shoe. After just being fitted a pair before, when my

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Nike Brings Back Classic Cortez Shoes So You Can Run Like Forrest Gump : T-Lounge : Tech Times

“Run, Forrest, run!” It’s one of the famous lines from the classic 1994 movie Forrest Gump, and now you can run like him too. Nike announced that it is bringing back the Classic Cortez running shoes that were worn by Tom Hank’s famous slow-witted everyman. Read all the details in my article here! Nike Brings Back

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Week 4 Half Marathon Training

July 21- 27 If you read my last post, you know that a week away vacationing in Florida made it a little difficult to stick to my running plans. That meant this week I decided to kick up my training a notch. Monday was supposed to be an off day, but I chose to go

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Top 5 Ways to Keep on Running

Feeling run down? Use these tips to start up your running again By: Lauren Keating Every runner knows how great is feels to shed their worries—and unwanted weight—by hitting the pavement. Your mind wanders off in a state of bliss, while paradoxically, your body is being pushed to its physical limits. While there are a

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