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Best Gift Ideas For The Runner On Your Christmas List From A Real Runner

All I want for Christmas this year is a fit runner’s body. That means I’m dreaming of a white Christmas filled with neon-colored fitness clothes. And the Garmin fenix 6S. And while we are at it, race registration for my next half marathon. If there is a runner among your family and friends, there are

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Brooks Brings New Running Shoes To You Within 24-Hours

Brooks is bringing new running shoes to customer’s feet—or should we say in customer’s hands—with its newly launched delivery partnership. The running shoe and apparel company launched its new same-day delivery service on Thursday to 10 lucky markets including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle. To bring new running shoes in just 24-hours to its

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Best Prime Day 2019 For Runners And Gym Lovers

Christmas in July is here. And it actually is raining down deals for not just one, but two days. Today is Amazon Prime Day, and there are so many good deals that are impossible to pass up—especially for runners and gym lovers. Prime Day and Cyber Monday are the two best shopping days of the

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Confessions of a shopaholic: I’m addicted to running shoes

I am very good at saving money. I am very good at spending money. I purchased very expensive concert tickets for my sister’s 21st birthday mid-summer and the concert was just cancelled. There are only two things I spend money on: live music (concerts) and running stuff (races, clothes, shoes, products). So naturally when I

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Achieve Goals By Rewarding Your Runs With Swag

Studies show that shopping for workout gear can motivate you to keep running towards your goals. The 2012 study used the term “enclothed cognition” to describe our mental changes when we wear particular clothing. If you walk down the street like a runaway in your little black dress, chances are you feel confident and beautiful,

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Shop without the Stop: The Future of Food Shopping

Thanks to the technology age, ordering food online is only a few mouse clicks away. Food shopping for the week has become easier as well thanks to delivery sites, which allow you to virtually shop for the items you need and bring them to your doorstep on the date and time of your choosing. Supermarket

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