Best Maternity Running Shorts

Running during pregnancy is beneficial for both mamas and baby. It helps keep our weight in check, is great for mental health and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. There is even research that suggests it can reduce heart defects in babies. The only thing that gets in our way—besides lack of energy some days … Continue reading Best Maternity Running Shorts


Goodr Glasses Are So Damn Good: Review Of The Best Running Sunglasses

Buying a pair of Goodr glasses was one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to purchasing running gear. Yeah, they are that damn good. And no, I am not paid by the company to say this or write a positive review. I am an everyday customer who heard good things about the … Continue reading Goodr Glasses Are So Damn Good: Review Of The Best Running Sunglasses

Laundry list of #runnerproblems

I have noticed that lately all I wear is workout clothes. My closet is spilt between three classifications of clothes: business-casual-chic office outfits, every day attire, and running gear. So when I saw my hamper piling up, and after I realized I would have to wear yoga leggings instead of shorts, it was time to … Continue reading Laundry list of #runnerproblems

Best Running Products: BottleBand Review

Runners should make sure they are properly hydrated before, during, and after their runs. While chugging down high-quality H2O is easy to do both before and after, I often find myself irritated by carrying a water bottle with me during those long and hot runs. Wanting to be hands free was always wishful thinking—that is … Continue reading Best Running Products: BottleBand Review

Best Running Gear This Summer

You set out for your daily run, securing your laces and getting that final stretch in. Your feet begin rise and fall, your chest mirroring this movement with each breath. Sometimes all you need to run is the desire to run. Some runners don’t even get to sprinting in shoes. Others lace up their old … Continue reading Best Running Gear This Summer