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Running When You Don’t Want To Is Still Rewarding

Running is so rewarding, even when we aren’t running. It gives you a boost of confidence, increasing your self-esteem, improves your health and revs up your metabolism—rungry anyone? One of the things I have learned from running is accountability. When I have a scheduled run, I make sure that I get out there and get

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Pillsbury Pizza Bites Recipe

Now that my half marathon training is really progressing, I stay rungry. The monster inside my belly, who wants to eat everything insight, is usually not awaken until the day after a long run. But today he came out to play in full force. So I started the morning by baking gluten-free muffins from scratch.

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When To Take A Break From Half Marathon Training

Wanted to take a minute to bring you all up to speed on my half marathon training. After finishing my  5k in 30-minutes, 30-seconds, I had never felt so strong! However, I was super sore the next day and moved by long-distance run from Sunday to Monday. I also had to make some other adjustments,

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