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5 Victories In Running That Aren’t First Place

Runners cross many finish lines, which means there are lots of victories to celebrate. Of course, we all aspire to be really fast, but runners know that we are all winners when it comes to achieving things in the sport. And this doesn’t necessarily mean in the world of racing. There are lots of winning

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How To Survive Training For A Race This Winter

Training for a race in the winter? Then you probably feeling just a bit nervous about how you are going to make it through all the training runs in the cold and the snow. But it is possible to continue to run throughout the winter months. Many runners start training in the winter for spring

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The First Mile vs Last Mile Of The Race: What To Expect During First Half Marathon

Running a half marathon is a huge victory that is on many runner’s bucket lists. And while half marathon training, many start to wonder what to expect during their first half marathon. There are countless articles giving tips and providing personal accounts of what it’s like to run that half marathon distance for the first

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Esophageal Cancer Awareness 5k Review: View From A Volunteer And A Runner

There are charity 5k races held for just about every kind of cancer. But there has yet to be one held in New York City for one of the fast-growing ones in the U.S.—until now. Saturday, September 14 marked the first annual Esophageal Cancer Awareness 5k. Held in Marine Park, Brooklyn just about 50 runners,

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Runners Who Move Ahead In Race Corrals Will Be Disqualified

There is certain race etiquette that all runners should know. This includes moving to the left if you are a slower runner so others can pass on the right. It means starting in the back if you are racing with a stroller. It also means not stopping dead in your tracks for a mid-run selfie

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How To Prevent Fatigue When Running

Running can be hard in its own right. We often struggle on board the lack of motivation bus. Then once we get going we feel like we are running with flat tires. Other times it feels easy. It feels like the movement just flows with each limb. It’s runs like this where we feel like

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How To Run A 9-Minute Mile

Most people start off running for health, fitness, and weight loss benefits. But the more we fall in love with the sport, the more we want to improve when it comes to our performance. This means nailing proper running form and increasing our average pace. And for some, this means getting to run a 9-minute

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Healthy Kids Running Series Is A Great Way To Create Tiny Runners

On a warm spring morning families gathered on the freshly cut grass that soon filled up with a sea of white jerseys. The multi-color flags that lined down the field perpendicular blew in the wind, as little ones flew on by down the designated path it created. They were getting there practice in, overly excited

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The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon Review: Here’s What It’s Like To Run A Marathon Relay

Participating in a marathon relay allows runners to get a feel for what it could be like to run a marathon without having to physically run the 26.2 miles.

Main Street Donut Chase 5k Race Review: Who Wouldn’t Run For Donuts?

I run for donuts. And so did many others at this year’s Main Street Donut Chase 5k and 1 Miler. Held on Sunday, March 24 in Wall, New Jersey, participants held their eyes on the prize—a really awesome medal and delicious donut at the finish line. The race was organized by the same people behind

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