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Two PRs In One Week: Race Recaps And Strategies For Placing At A 5k

Aside from placing in a race, getting a PR is the ideal scenario for any runner who has a competitive bone in them. I managed to do both: place in a race for the first time ever, and set my new personal record. Then just a few days later I set yet another PR. As

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This Is What It’s Like To Place At A 5K

I hadn’t been nervous for a race in a really long time. The butterflies felt foreign the night before as I lay in bed thinking about the morning that lies ahead. Soon they rested their wings as I envisioned crossing the finish line as my feet flew. Instead, the cheerleaders in my head clapped their

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Ridge Road Run 5k Race Recap

My weekend running adventures continued on Sunday with the Ridge Road Run for Suicide Prevention. Located at Rumson-Fair Haven High School, this 5k started out back behind the school’s track,taking runners through the beautiful neighborhood of Rumson, and up a hill before lopping around and heading back for the school and ending on the track.

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When To Take A Break From Half Marathon Training

Wanted to take a minute to bring you all up to speed on my half marathon training. After finishing my  5k in 30-minutes, 30-seconds, I had never felt so strong! However, I was super sore the next day and moved by long-distance run from Sunday to Monday. I also had to make some other adjustments,

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Elite Runner Crawls Across Austin Marathon Finish Line Determined To Finish Race

If you a runner, than you know there often comes a time during long distance runs where you stop running with your body when it starts to give up and instead you run with your heart. The mind is a powerful thing. Your legs may begin to feel like lead, as with each stride you

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5K PR: How to PR & Valentine’s Day Race Recap

Today I celebrated Valentine’s Day doing what I love—running. And I couldn’t be more infatuated. My first race of 2015, this morning I ran Cupid’s Chase 5K is New Brunswick, New Jersey, making it also my first NJ race. Adding to the list of many first, it was the first time I ran complete sub

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