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Tips To Making Pizza Healthier

Pizza is the perfect comfort food, marrying together our two loves for cheese and carbs. And while there is nothing wrong with throwing some veggies on it and having a slice here and there, many people try to avoid eating pizza like the plague when they are dieting. But there are actually other ways that

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Pillsbury Pizza Bites Recipe

Now that my half marathon training is really progressing, I stay rungry. The monster inside my belly, who wants to eat everything insight, is usually not awaken until the day after a long run. But today he came out to play in full force. So I started the morning by baking gluten-free muffins from scratch.

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Pizza Is A Main Contributor In Childhood Obesity

Kids love pizza. But eating pizza could really be slicing into children’s overall health, becoming a main contributor in childhood obesity. Between the years 2009-2010, one in five children and about one in four teens in the U.S. had pizza. According to a new study reported by Lisa M. Powell, PhD, those kids and teens

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tear Up Box Office

We all had a favorite: Leonardo in the blue mask, the oldest and leader with his katanas; Donatello in the purple mask, the smartest with his bo staff; Raphael in the red mask who is aggressive with a pair of sai; and Michelangelo in the orange mask, the youngest, a jokester with his pair of

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Controlling Cravings

Everyone gets food cravings, no matter how clean and healthy we try to eat. Although the lines between hunger and cravings are often blurred, it is important to be able to step away from the ice cream when we are eating as a result of our moods. When we are feeling energetic, happy, or relaxed,

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