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11 Baby Products You Need For Your Second Born

Everything feels unfamiliar as a first-time parent. But by the second kid, many feel much more confident to handle in our role and are pretty much pros when it comes to knowing the best diaper creams, bottles, and pacifiersto buy. But there are still some baby products second-time moms look over for your second born.

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Pregnancy Announcement Photo Idea Big Brother

In honor of Mother’s Day, sharing what we did for our pregnancy announcement for baby #2!  We absolutely wanted to include our son who is being promoted to big brother. Shirt: PenguinsPineapples | Etsy  Calendar: SilverStorkStudio | Etsy  Include your sonogram and any other touches! For the background, I used a white, fury small rug

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5 Things About Being A Mom No One Tells You About

People will tell you how amazing being a mom is. And they are right. But there are also lots of things about being a mom for the first time that no one tells you about. Many say you how in love you will be when you look into that baby’s eyes for the first time.

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How To Get Rid Of Newborn Gas And Hiccups

As a first time parent, one of the most scary things is that inevitable day when your baby gets sick for the first time. And nothing is more scary than having a late fall/winter baby when flu season is in full swing. While my little bundle of joy is healthy as can be, I have

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How To Prevent Baby Boy From Peeing Through Diapers

When it comes to changing my newborn son, I am at two disadvantages: one, this is my first child so I am a new mom, and two, I come from a family of predominately girls. This means I had no clue how to even change a boys diaper until taking an infant prep class when

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