Best Maternity Running Shorts

Running during pregnancy is beneficial for both mamas and baby. It helps keep our weight in check, is great for mental health and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. There is even research that suggests it can reduce heart defects in babies. The only thing that gets in our way—besides lack of energy some days … Continue reading Best Maternity Running Shorts


I Ran Not One But Two Had Marathons Pregnant

Can you run a half marathon while pregnant? Better yet should you? The first is a question many expecting mamas might be wondering—better yet Googling. The answer to both is yes and yes. I ran not one, but two half marathons pregnant. Not only did I make it through to the finish, but I had … Continue reading I Ran Not One But Two Had Marathons Pregnant

Bouncing Back Post Baby: Beginners Luck

I need to start off saying that my intentions in this post is not to brag. We have all seen those insanely fit women on Instagram who still mange to hold onto their six pack and toned arms while preggo, while we all wish that could be us. I was in fairly decent shape before … Continue reading Bouncing Back Post Baby: Beginners Luck