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Cadenshae Activewear Review: The Nursing Sports Bra I Can’t Workout Without

Those who have been or are pregnant know that cute, comfortable and affordable activewear is a rare commodity. But the fitness apparel company Cadenshae is changing the game by finally giving us what we want and need: workout clothes that are fit for our changing bodies. The activewear brand sells various items that include nursing

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5 Things About Being A Mom No One Tells You About

People will tell you how amazing being a mom is. And they are right. But there are also lots of things about being a mom for the first time that no one tells you about. Many say you how in love you will be when you look into that baby’s eyes for the first time.

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Should I Give My Newborn A Pacifier? Mom Guilt And Reasons Why No Harm Will Be Done

Update October 2019: As a first-time mom, the world of parenting is a foreign one. But we all learn quickly. By the second baby, we feel like pros. This means a lot of the anxieties aren’t present. We learned from experience and have a clearer picture of how things will go. One of the baby items

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